Action Research Associates

Quality research for transformative action in the service of Lebanese society

Research & Action

Our research catalyzes transformative action, and our action is informed by solid research.

Truth & Reconciliation

We excavate truth in order to facilitate reconciliation.


We bring together political and religious voices for dialogue, given our common responsibility for Lebanon’s problems.

To see peace, reconciliation, and a new sense of the common good develop among the various communities of Lebanon.

our Vision
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Leaders of Change

We retrace the journey of groups and leading figures of the 17 October revolution, exploring their motivations, challenges, visions for Lebanon, and their proposed solutions to the current deadlock. We bring them into dialogue with independent public figures to explore a political path toward a better Lebanon.

Truth and Reconciliation

Inspired by the philosophy and broad lines of the South African model of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), we take a two-pronged approach to the current crisis in Lebanon: (1) Truth – we excavate the multiple sectarian narratives surrounding key events of the civil war period; and (2) Reconciliation – we promote an alternative to the dominant sectarian and minority mindset through an active process of reconciliation based on the multiple narratives that we identify.

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We facilitate dialogue and collaboration between political actors of various allegiances, by researching and identifying shared language. Barriers and obstacles, as well as common ground, are explored as a path to more collaborative relations.

In partnership with program director, Joelle Giappesi, we provide Arabic language learning to friends of Lebanon who love our country and want to understand it better. ALBI is shaped as a virtual program, located in Beirut. We cater to students both local and remote, and offer instruction in Spoken Levantine and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). We make sure that you can put your learning into practice from the start.

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